Tuesday, September 16, 2008

VA DOT Woodbridge, VA 08

The class was held at one of the oldest farms in VA near the Potomac River. 1747 this beautiful farm began its existence and through the efforts of Prince William County they are restoring it to its original state. This includes managing the tree areas.

We had a mixed class or should I say diversified group. We had police officers that use chain saws as first response for the area. County workers that maintain and also respond to many tree situations in the area and the VA DOT from the area that use saws frequently. A great group!

We had one of the toughest, but typical sights ever for training. Out of 15 trees only 1 made it to the ground without help. Some of the largest populations of grape vines and poison ivy I have ever seen had the canopies suspended. The guys did a super job getting them down.

This was a train the trainer for five days with the group. The class ended with the participants teaching Ellen, the safety and training coordinator for the county, to take down a large Popular tree. All ended well with super results. Thanks to Ellen with the county and Jerry and Bill and Sharon with VA DOT for another excellently organized class.