Wednesday, March 4, 2015

The Future!

I have been "building on the basis" the past few years (now that I'm aging more every day) that the key to a great training system is to pass it along to key people to supply the knowledge to the masses. With the increasing need of safe, efficient chainsaw operators in storm cleanup, recreational trails, parks, Tree Care, forest management and fire control - employers and organizations are striving to build efficient and cost effective training. In the onset, many are finding without utilizing simplistic training formats that information becomes overwhelming and is not used in the workplace and especially not passed along in the workplace efficiently. I feel this is likely because of the comfort level of the student to instruct and the lack of time planning to maximize the training to co-workers.

I have been involved in preparing instructors in chainsaw applications, safety and maintenance for over 30 years. Not bragging, but I have had some effect on just about every instructor out there in chainsaw training companies today. Those that have chosen to use the simple instruction techniques that Soren Eriksson instilled in me, have all done an awesome job in reducing chainsaw industry accidents and incidents across the country and are profitable doing it.

These instructor techniques are available to key chainsaw operators and communicators in your organization and or company. 

I would like to discuss with you how we can maximize chainsaw operator safety and productivity in your future!  Concepts and cost can vary.... don't hesitate to contact us today.