Saturday, September 17, 2011

APWA Congress

We flew out to Colorado on the 11th to conduct chainsaw workshops for Colorado LTAP in some of the most beautiful areas of the Rocky Mountains. The first near Telluride, CO. at about 10k feet. Colorado Springs was next, then the last workshop was in Longmont, CO. We had a blast with all the attendees... It is a breathtaking place to work in more than one way - beautiful scenery and thin air.

Sunday - Tuesday we are assisting Elvex Safety with a booth and presentation at the National American Public Works Association Congress here in downtown Denver, CO. APWA is expecting a good turnout for this year's congress and we hope to be able to meet many new contacts to carry on future training programs. Its always a pleasure working with the Elvex staff and talking to folks about their great PPE products.

I've been using and promoting Elvex PPE for right at two years now and I can still tell you I am very happy and the training customers who have converted to them are extremely pleased. The Tectra hardhats and attached hearing and face protection are awesome and the Prolar fabric in the leg protection and upper body garments are superior!

During the National Guard training, which was an instructor program, I assigned topics for the participants to instruct during class exercises. One group decided they would like to see how the chaps work and cut them with a saw. I had a pair of Elvex Arbor chaps with the Prolar padding that was donated to the educational cause. The soldier was determined to put them to the test and expected success in cutting through them. It was one of the most eye opening experiences of the training workshop. The Elvex chap stopped the saw effort in two layers of the pad. They were amazed and talked about the importance of getting other soldiers to make sure and wear their chaps when they pick up a saw... Have you committed to wearing them?