Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank You!

I want to say thank you for your thoughts and prayers over the past few months regarding my health. Colin Cancer has not been fun for my family and me. But....

I had a CT Scan last week and the doctor announced this morning that I am presently Cancer Free. I will not have any other treatments and can return to a full training schedule soon. They will monitor my blood and scans quarterly to keep an eye on any cell growths but at present - ALL CLEAR! A great time for Thanksgiving! Your prayers and a Great God have granted me a new season of chain saw training classes. I hope to see you soon! Tim

Friday, November 21, 2008

In Memory...

This past Tuesday (Nov 18th) we lost an Icon of the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry. Richard Burchett passed away after coming down with a rare disease that effects the brain. Richard was 75 years old. He went from working constantly, as he always did, to passing away in just a few weeks.

Richard has been working with chain saws, mowers and trimmers since 1956. He has influenced and trained a great number of today's industry leaders.

I owe so much to Richard and his wife Betty for taking me under their wings and mentoring me. Richard was my mentor, teacher and friend. Working with and knowing Richard since 1981 has been the highlight of my career. He introduced me to Soren years ago and to my relationship with Dave Zerfoss and Husqvarna.

Richard Burchett will be greatly missed. - Tim

Husqvarna Demo's

We have just returned from a great week of chain saw workshops for a couple of Husqvarna Dealers in the south.

Our first stop was with Revell Hardware and Husqvarna's Dustin Smith. They did a super job organizing the training day with city and county workers around Clinton, MS. We had over 35 attending the session. Inside we covered PPE, maintnence and the felling plan then over to a park after lunch where we cut two dead oaks that needed to be removed. Great group! (pics are from Clinton, MS session. The group in Pensacola were inmates and we can't show pictures)

The next session was with Dutchman's in Foley, AL organized by Ron and Husqvarna's Mike Thrower. This is the second trip to train inmates working at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL. The home of the Blue Angels.... they were practicing overhead during some of our training. Noisy... but amazing.

The group was very attentive and interested. They operate all Husqvarna Equipment in their work.

Great week! Thanks to Revell, Dutchman's, Mike and Dustin!