Wednesday, October 23, 2013

What's the best.....

What's the best...
By Tim Ard, Forest ApplicationsTraining, Inc.

Every workshop I hear the same question. I mean every one... What is the best saw out there? What do you think is the best chainsaw made?

I usually answer it this way. Every manufacturer makes one or more great models. They have sold a lot of them. Some areas I go are strong in the sale of one brand, in another area a different brand. But, chainsaws do not make chainsaws, people do! I make this statement because it doesn't make any difference how good the saw you have is, or how many have been sold, at some point and time you are going to need a part or service. Understand, people become the important product selection criteria. The people at the outlet/dealership you purchased from must be able to supply the needed info, service part and or repair you need to keep things working. If not, any brand will make a pretty awesome looking door stop.

The key element in answering my fore mentioned question is the dealer or outlet for the equipment. Are they knowledgeable to help you make the purchase decision? Is there a selection available to meet your application correctly? Have they made a commitment to the product line and your particular model with parts and service training? Do they know more about the saw model than you do? These things will be more important to you than just the discounted dollar deal you received or maybe even your perceived brand loyalty selection criteria, i.e., Ford vs Chevrolet.

So, visit your local saw outlets. Check out the latest and greatest equipment available. Discuss with the personnel and or owner your needs and wants. Ask them to show you their parts on hand for the model you select. Tour their shop and meet the technicians. Have all your questions been answered?

Last question... Did they offer you training sufficient for your needs? Do you have a clear understanding of training needed to operate the piece of equipment for specific tasks you have planned? Personal protective equipment covered and available for your needs?

If so, Good Sawing!

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