Wednesday, December 31, 2008


This year has been a milestone in my history and Forest Application's. It's scary to know that just a second in time or a prolonged illness can effect not only you but your family and business. I have experienced a lot this year and in it one thing for sure - GOD I.N.C. (God is in control).

I want to thank all my readers and training attendees for making 2008 a blessed and profitable year. It's so great to know that people respect your business and even more- they think enough of you to add you to their thoughts and prayers!

May you all have friend's and business' that are prosperous and profitable in 2009! - Tim

Monday, November 24, 2008

Thank You!

I want to say thank you for your thoughts and prayers over the past few months regarding my health. Colin Cancer has not been fun for my family and me. But....

I had a CT Scan last week and the doctor announced this morning that I am presently Cancer Free. I will not have any other treatments and can return to a full training schedule soon. They will monitor my blood and scans quarterly to keep an eye on any cell growths but at present - ALL CLEAR! A great time for Thanksgiving! Your prayers and a Great God have granted me a new season of chain saw training classes. I hope to see you soon! Tim

Friday, November 21, 2008

In Memory...

This past Tuesday (Nov 18th) we lost an Icon of the Outdoor Power Equipment Industry. Richard Burchett passed away after coming down with a rare disease that effects the brain. Richard was 75 years old. He went from working constantly, as he always did, to passing away in just a few weeks.

Richard has been working with chain saws, mowers and trimmers since 1956. He has influenced and trained a great number of today's industry leaders.

I owe so much to Richard and his wife Betty for taking me under their wings and mentoring me. Richard was my mentor, teacher and friend. Working with and knowing Richard since 1981 has been the highlight of my career. He introduced me to Soren years ago and to my relationship with Dave Zerfoss and Husqvarna.

Richard Burchett will be greatly missed. - Tim

Husqvarna Demo's

We have just returned from a great week of chain saw workshops for a couple of Husqvarna Dealers in the south.

Our first stop was with Revell Hardware and Husqvarna's Dustin Smith. They did a super job organizing the training day with city and county workers around Clinton, MS. We had over 35 attending the session. Inside we covered PPE, maintnence and the felling plan then over to a park after lunch where we cut two dead oaks that needed to be removed. Great group! (pics are from Clinton, MS session. The group in Pensacola were inmates and we can't show pictures)

The next session was with Dutchman's in Foley, AL organized by Ron and Husqvarna's Mike Thrower. This is the second trip to train inmates working at the Naval Air Station in Pensacola, FL. The home of the Blue Angels.... they were practicing overhead during some of our training. Noisy... but amazing.

The group was very attentive and interested. They operate all Husqvarna Equipment in their work.

Great week! Thanks to Revell, Dutchman's, Mike and Dustin!

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Honolulu Forestry and Nursery

While in Hawaii we had three days of training with the city of Honolulu. 28 of the Forestry and Nursery department employees went through chain saw safety and felling class. The group did a super job cutting Hawaiian Mesquite trees. Tough cutting but all successful. - Tim

Hawaii Construction Career Days

We had the pleasure to attend the 2008 Hawaii Construction Career days held at the Honolulu Community College. This event was organized by industry and the Hawaii LTAP program. 1200 students from high schools attended the event to learn about job opportunities in construction. The students could drive about all equipment used in construction. We set up a little saw maintenance timed competition. The students loved it! - Tim

Friday, October 17, 2008

Sunbelt Expo 2008

Every year one of my favorite weeks takes us to south Georgia. Moultrie, GA is the home of one of the largest farm shows in the US. The Sunbelt Expo....

Sponsored by Husqvarna we do three chainsaw safety presentations a day and carve like crazy... eagles, bears, etc.... Oh MY!

This year the attendance seems a little low. Usually about 250k people attend the show. We were swamped anyway and a local dealer sold almost everything they brought.

It's a blast working with the southern US team from Husqvarna! Thanks for the opportunity! - Tim

Illinois Training

Illinois Locations.... We had a great week in Illinois sponsored by PDRMA. We began at Peoria Parks with their Forestry Crew. A great team of guy's! Spent the first day with just the crew and then had a demo the second day with about 20 of the Peoria Parks Personnel. We then went on to demos at Gilberts, Naperville and ended at Waukegan. Always great groups in PDRMA's area.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

VA DOT Woodbridge, VA 08

The class was held at one of the oldest farms in VA near the Potomac River. 1747 this beautiful farm began its existence and through the efforts of Prince William County they are restoring it to its original state. This includes managing the tree areas.

We had a mixed class or should I say diversified group. We had police officers that use chain saws as first response for the area. County workers that maintain and also respond to many tree situations in the area and the VA DOT from the area that use saws frequently. A great group!

We had one of the toughest, but typical sights ever for training. Out of 15 trees only 1 made it to the ground without help. Some of the largest populations of grape vines and poison ivy I have ever seen had the canopies suspended. The guys did a super job getting them down.

This was a train the trainer for five days with the group. The class ended with the participants teaching Ellen, the safety and training coordinator for the county, to take down a large Popular tree. All ended well with super results. Thanks to Ellen with the county and Jerry and Bill and Sharon with VA DOT for another excellently organized class.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


This week we are teaching chain saw workshops for the GA Local Technical Assistance Program. They organize training for city, town and municipality workers. Some state employees too... The GA training events are organized by the GA DOT.

Its great to work with these towns and cities around GA. They use chain saws a good bit and are usually not formally trained in saw use and maintaining. They get a great deal from the classes and are always very appreciative of the information. They are involved in a lot of storm cleanup work with saws and pole saws.

This week we have classes in Rome, GA and Powder Springs, GA. The attendees are from cities all around northwest GA.

Thanks for attending and to the GA LTAP for organizing the workshops. - Tim

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Virginia DOT August 2008

As some of you may have heard, I have been recuperating from cancer for the past three months. It seems to be in remission but I have a protocol of chemo to continue until the end of the year. On the off weeks from chemo infusions I plan to continue training as much as I can. ( a huge thank you to Cary Shepherd and Husqvarna for filling in and helping with training events in the interim).

Last week was my first attempt back at the saw... We traveled to Virginia for a week long training session with Virginia Department of Transportation. It went very well thanks to a super group in the class and hills that were not too steep. The 14 participants pitched in and made my life much easier but I tried to be as normal as usual, trying to carry my equipment and staying up with everything.

The week was a special training for me. I had no idea if I could make it through but with God, Friends and Family I have found most anything can be accomplished. Thanks VDOT for giving me a new vision on life last week. I am looking forward to the next session.... Tim

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Personal Protective Equipment

PPE - Hardhat, Leg Protection, Eye and Ear Protection, Boots... How important they are. Every operator should make sure they understand and use PPE. Any Questions?

Your comments?


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