Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Tectra Helmet

Safety Cap gets Product of the year award!

Elvex new Tectra safety cap challenges the appearance and functionality of traditional safety caps.

Tectra offers a choice of ventilated or dielectric versions, as well as pin-lock and ratchet suspensions. The helmet is designed especially to accept accessories Tested to ANSI Z89.1-2009.

Monday, October 18, 2010


Some updates…

Ethanol Fuel

The powers that be have approved the sale of E-15 fuel. This means that distributors and retailers can begin to market 15% Ethanol fuel through fuel stations across USA. They did so with a stipulation that the pumps must be marked with use in 2007 vehicles and newer. That’s going to create some confusion with auto fill-ups and especially, because they don’t say anything about us little engine users, require big time carburetor changes and possibly even more engine failure problems.

As I have mentioned, in previous articles on fuel, most two-cycles in the field will adjust to 10% Ethanol fuel. However, current equipment carburetor adjustments will not meter the 15%+ range. The adjusting screws are set to be lean on today’s carburetors and the fuel flow orifices are rather small. You can’t open the screws wide enough to allow the Ethanol fuel through at 15%+. It causes the engines to run lean in most all situations.

Next is the higher the Ethanol content, the more moisture is collected in the fuel system and storage facilities. This separates gas from oil in your mix and causes havoc with aluminum and magnesium parts, like carburetor body castings. Also the solvent action of the Ethanol deteriorates the rubber fuel lines and seals. More careful inspections and rotating fuel supplies are going to be required.

Seek out Non-Ethanol fuel sources as soon as you can!


I was a little concerned about carrying a case of TruFuel in the truck on our recent trip to Colorado. You know when you go up in elevation; almost 11,000ft where we drove, the contents of canned goods sometimes becomes over pressurized and pops something… like the tops. Well, we didn’t have any leaks at the elevations. The fuel ran super also! The saws all ran great at the high elevations and the dryer humidity. I really like this stuff! They have a new website up Check it out. They are also on Twitter now @TruFuel50


The folks at Gransfors Bruks are ready to get you warmed up for winter with their Woolpower products. These socks and undergarments, as well as jackets, are some great investments for the winter months to come. You can link off our website to theirs (Homepage or eStore).

Stihl MS230

I am impressed with this saw for home use and some government storm work. The saw is small but with the PowerSharp kit from Oregon it pulls chips very well. I have cut and dulled the PowerSharp chain, then sharpened it in a few seconds, over and over. Amazing system. I will also say that the chain that came on this Stihl unit, the Picco Duro is also pretty sharp… its gonna be hard to beat the quick sharpening of the PowerSharp chain though.


I’m going by to meet with Elvex management next Monday. Those of you who have received one of the helmet systems from our training or if you have the Elvex ProGuard helmet system that you purchased and wear, let me know your thoughts back in a quick message. I want to now what you like and dislike about the system. Also any new ideas for head, eye and ear protection you would like to have Elvex consider to produce.

Ya’ll have a great week!

Laura and I are traveling around Massachusetts this week and next. Then we are off to the Norfolk, VA area for training with the US Coast Guard. We are finally going to make it home about Nov. 10th. It’s been an awesome training tour so far. Thank you for all your participation in our programs.

Good Sawing!