Saturday, December 1, 2012

No Adjustment

Very Soon No Adjustments

By Tim Ard, Forest Applications Training, Inc.

Recently I had the opportunity to sit through a very interesting presentation at one of Stihl’s dealer training activities. Twenty years ago, I would have never imagined that one day a laptop would replace a screwdriver to tune up a chain saw…

To check the run history and current fuel air adjustments, newly released and future two-cycles, will be connected to a laptop to read its electronic brain (so to speak). Simply plug it in and it will tell you several hours of the engine’s running history. Fuel mix, ignition spark, heat history, all can be displayed right on your computer screen. This information allowing the technician to analyze the past running, or failure, and adjust the engine for future performance.

These electronic screwdriver controls will help keep ethanol fuel (some effects) and other run situations from taking down your favorite two-cycle power plant. It will keep a running engine in tune to its peak performance during all your sawing, cutting and trimming tasks.

If you think James Bond stays up with the latest technology -- check out some of the latest available to you at your local chainsaw dealer.

Good Sawing!