Saturday, March 13, 2010

Guide Bar Question


Have you had occasion to use the WoodsmanPro Bar Rail Closure from Woodland International, Inc?

I have had one for a few years but the jury is still out on it's effectiveness/need. Granted, I probably used it less than half a dozen times. Any thoughts?

John R.


Hi John,

I have not used the Woodsman bar rail closer but I have used similar tools over the years.

They are nice to quickly straighten up pinches in the field. You can open the rail of a pinched area and then use the tool to even things. You can also close an entire rail to better match the drive links gauge as the bar starts to wear. It is a patch however...

When the chain runs in the rail it moves from side to side (rocks left to right). This causes a "fishtail" looking wear inside the lower end of the bar rail that only a regrind or replacement will correct. The rail closers just push the top of the rails closer together so it's kind of a patch not repair.

Hopefully that answers your question... Thanks for sending it. Always good to hear from you. It is a good tool to keep in your box for those occasional uses.

Good Sawing,

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