Monday, November 22, 2010


I hope you are all set for a great week of Family, Friends and Turkeys!

Laura and I wish all of you the best during this Thanksgiving Time. We are so thankful for all of you and for the Magnormous Abundance God allows us to partake of in our training endeavors.

The article this week is regarding a few thoughts on the use of wedges and rope in your tree work. It can also be found on my Blog at pass it along to friends and workers.

I am pleased to announce a new endorsement relationship for 2011 with Elvex Corporation and its safety products. If you are not familiar, check them out at They have been producing PPE for Chainsaw Operators for many years and other safety items in several work industries. ForestApps will be assisting them with product marketing, dealer and distributor PPE education and most of all having a great time using their products and working with their great Elvex Team! I have been using Elvex products for about a year now and I am impressed with the design and quality. They will impress you too!

The upcoming week is a great time to look over items in our eStore for your holiday gift giving. Let me recommend or in stock items-- my Cross-Sight Height Gauge, The ForestApps eBook, Jeff Jepson’s To Fell a Tree, Original PFERD ChainSharp Tool’s and Elvex PPE. Just click the eStore link for our website –

Next week Rob Lagerstrom and I will be working to produce a new group of product awareness and use videos for Elvex here at my shop in GA. These videos, on several facets of PPE, will be available on the internet and DVD for your training use and viewing pleasure. If you would like to put your name on the list for these when they are completed, send me an email with Elvex Videos in the subject line and we will keep you personally updated as to when they are ready. The videos will be free to the first requesting...

And Thursday – Gobble Up!

Good Sawing,

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