Tuesday, May 18, 2010


One thing networking with Facebook has done for me is to reconnect with some folks that have made my life and career what it is today.

This morning I received a message from someone whom I haven't heard from in years. My auto shop teacher from high school, "Doc" Lamb. Doc was a great instructor and mentor. I wanted to have a career in auto repair, especially racing, and Doc kept me interested and focused.

One summer he asked if I would like to work on the bus maintenance program. He used to have all the county school buses, that needed cleanup, repaint and tune-ups, brought over to the shop at the high school and he would handle the work. He'd have selected students come in and work for a summer job. I was one of those.

The summer of 1974 I worked on the buses and we finished a little early. Doc had been contacted by several businesses wanting to find summer help and future employees from his students at the school. One of those companies was Henningsgard Equipment in Marietta, GA. Doc suggested me for the job to finish out the summer there. That was my first time working with small engines other than a couple lawnmowers and a chain saws at home with my Dad. I fell into the work, enjoyed it and soon took another job working on mowers and saws in Hiram, GA after I graduated in 1975.

So you could say that Doc Lamb was the one that got me started in all this ChainSaw Stuff! Thanks Doc for doing that - it has been a good road to travel!

You know, teachers and instructors do a lot to mold and develop futures... few too many times they are thanked and recognized for that.

Good Sawing!

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